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Two Admired Virtual Surgery Games for Kids Available to Free Download

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 Kids always like to play different type of games. GameiMax is the leading game development company and always developed exclusive games for kids. We recently develop two addictive games for kids called “Bad Teeth Doctor” & “Crazy Doctor”.  Both these games are developed based on virtual surgery concept.  Both these games became most popular games within short time among kids gaming world.

Bad Teeth Doctor:  
Downloads : 100,000+
Price:                FREE

Bad teeth doctor is all about dentist treatment as name says it all. This game gives knowledge of dentist treatment and how to use all dentist tools. The game is divided into 2 sections Teeth View and Tongue view.

  • Remove Cavity by cavity remover
  • Brush the teeth
  • Clean the teeth using water Shower
  • Kill harmful germs by germs killer
  • Black dots remover
  • Red dots remover
  • Put braces properly on teeth
  • Use mouth freshener to keep mouth fresh

See Below the Game Play Video:

Crazy Doctor:
Downloads : 100,000+
Price:                FREE


Crazy Doctor also got enormous success in kid’s game world.  Kids will learn basic medical treatment with fun while they play this game. Inside the game you can see that patients are not feeling well due to some pain in their body. You have to behave like a real doctor and help those patients to get relief from pain.

  • Injection is used to be done in pill form or through it.
  • Pus remover is used to remove pus.
  • Cotton is used to remove a blood and remove wounds.
  • Ice is used for remove swelling
  • X-ray is used to scan your all body.
  • Painkiller-Spay is used to relief from toe pain.
  • Colorful and funky bandage for injured part
  • Cream for saving injured part from infection.
  • Plaster is used to recover wrecked bones from injury
 See Below the Game Play Video:

GameiMax is the well known kids game development company and developed the exclusive games like described above. Also provide affordable game development service. Hope you like these games and feel free to give your opinion in comment section below. Contact at for further information. 

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