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Download Top Rated FREE Virtual Surgery Kids Game from Play Store

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GameiMax the well known game development company develops games for kids. They had hits the record of play store. Now they recently launch new game & concept called "Animal Tonsil Doctor" & "Tonsils Doctor - Kids Game" these games pivot on surgery concepts where kids get familiar with surgery and medical care.

1. Animal Tonsils Doctor - Free Kids Game

In Animal Tonsils Doctor you have to be real doctor and treat different cute animal and cure their tonsils problem.

Watch Game Play Video:

Features included inside Animal Tonsils Doctor:

  • Mouth freshener for keep mouth fresh
  • Remove Germs by germs remover with effective sound and animation.
  • Remove tonsil by giving injection
  • Heal inner injury with cream
  • Water shower for clean the mouth
  • Make animal's picture colorful after finish tonsil treatment. 
download animal tonsils doctor
2. Tonsils Doctor - Kids Game

Now a day's kids love to eat junk food and cold water, so they got infected you have help them in Tonsils Doctor and treat them as real doctor. Get free entertainment at few fingertips in this game! Really very addictive dentist game also learns some basic dental treatment in funniest way.

Watch Game Play Video:

Features included in Tonsils Doctor:

  • Mouth freshener
  • Remove Germs
  • Remove tonsil by giving injection
  • Heal injury with cream
download tonsils doctor

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