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Download FREE Brain Surgery Games for Kids from Play Store

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GameiMax the leading game development company is expert in developing kid’s game. They develop games not just for entertainment but its mixed concepts of fun + Education + Entertainment. They recently developed two games based on brain surgery concepts named "Monster Brain Doctor" & "King Brain Doctor - Kids Game". Both these games are pivot on surgery concept where kids can learn and explore their knowledge in every field.

free android kids game

Monster Brain Doctor

In Monster Brain Doctor you have to play as doctor and treat different monsters patients.  We know that surgery is the boring topic for you but we converted this topic in fun way and it also teaches you some medical care + also entertains you at a time.

Watch Game Play Video:

download monster brain doctor
King Brain Doctor - Kids Game

King…!!! The word is so scary for kids because they heard the stories of king and their war. But in "King Brain Doctor" you have to brain surgeon. The game includes different king characters, sound & expression. So, are you to be brain surgeon?

Watch Game Play Video:

download king brain doctor

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