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Most Recent Android Game for Kids - King Brain Doctor

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 king brain doctor - free kids gameAre you ready to be a Brain Surgeon? In this game you have to be a professional doctor and complete brain surgery on King's Brain in funny way. King Brain Doctor is innovative concept for kids to do brain surgery. They have to try their hands on becoming brain doctor and treat different characters of king.

We know that Brain surgery is very boring topic, but we believed that children need something different, so we convert this boring point into funny game. It's not just entertains the children but helps to learn how to do brain surgery and see what happens If they don't be careful they diseases. They learn and play at same time isn't amazing?

Watch Game Play Video:


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Features of King Brain Doctor:

  • Stethoscope used to check heartbeat.
  • Thermometer used to check temperature.
  • Blood pressure machine used to check BP
  • Shock Treatment.
  • Shower used to wash brain.
  • Dryer used to suck water by its animating sound.
  • Vacuum to suck dirt particles.
  • Injection used in pill form.
  • Cotton used to remove blood and wound.
  • Dropper used to drop medicine.
  • Stick colorful bandage on injured part.
  • X-Ray used to scan internal injury.
  • Germs Remover used to kill germs.
  • Plaster used to cover injured part.
download king brain doctor - free kids game

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