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New Surgery Game for Kids Arrived at Play Store - Animal Eye Clinic

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animal eye clinic for kids
Getting bored by playing same kind of games? Then let’s have look to Animal Eye Clinic for kids newly game developed by GameCastor.

The game is full medically equipped and has cute little animal they are suffering from eye problem. So let’s help them to overcome their problem and have fun with them. You have to treat them as real doctor with different doctor tools and finish the treatment. This game is fully focused on surgery mixed of education and entertainment here kids also learn medical care for injured animals.

Watch Game Play Video:


free kids game

Features of  Animal Eye Clinic for Kids Game:

  • Eye Drop for clean eyes and rub the dust with cotton.
  • Direct ophthalmoscopes.
  • Manual test of animal's eyes & check how many number in left and right eye.
  • Color blind test for patients.
  • Computerized eye test.
  • Feed little patients with different food.
  • Apply laser treatment.
  • Select Frame for spectacles which is perfect for patient.
download animal eye clinic for kids

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