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Download FREE Monster Surgery Kids Game Available at Play Store

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GameiMax the well known game development company has established their name in developing kid’s game. They recently launch two monsters game named "Monster Dent Doctor" & "Monster Wisdom Tooth". Both these game are pivot on dental surgery game where kids can learn basic medical treatment using different tools given game.

Monster Dent Doctor

Ever imagine playing with monster? Kids are so scared of monsters because they heard terrified stories of monster. But in Monster Dent Doctor, monsters are suffering from dental problems. You have to treat them as real doctor and help them to cure their teeth problem.

Game includes three views such as "Teeth Surgery", "Tongue Surgery", & "Inner View" and three little cute monsters help them to get relief from pain.

Watch Game Play Video:

Features included Monster Dent Doctor

  • Remove Cavity by Cavity Remover
  • Brush the teeth,
  • Clean using water Shower
  • Kill harmful using Germs killer
  • Remove Black teeth
  • Red dots remover
  • Put Braces properly
  • Mouth Freshener to keep mouth fresh
download monster dent doctor

Monster Wisdom Tooth

Hey kids, have you ever imagined about become a Dentist? Here GameiMax has arrived with Monster Wisdom Tooth Doctor for you. There are cute little monster waiting for you treat them and cure their teeth.

By this game you can learn how to apply dental treatment and how to use all the dental tools for tooth treatment. You have to accomplish proper dental treatment like a professional dentist on monster patient's teeth. Various dental tools available in toolkit use all those tools correctly for finish treatment and make your monster patient's happy.

Watch Game Play Video:

Features included in Monster Wisdom Tooth:

Teeth surgery:

  • Drill to remove black & green teeth
  • Tissue (For nosy)
  • Braces to fix teeth
Tongue surgery:
  • Shower to wash mouth
  • Dryer to suck water
  • Spray (heal injury)
  • Funny bandages
  • Injection
  • Shock Treatment
  • Thermometer
  • Plaster(Color it)
  • Mouth freshener
Inner view (Using Joystick)
  • Pimple Remover
  • Dirt Remover
  • Cream
  • Color your tongue
  • Feed it different Food
download monster wisdom tooth

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