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Ear Doctor Surgery Kids Game Available Free at Play Store

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Want to be Professional Ear Surgeon? Then Grab your tools and visit "Ear Doctor - Free Kids Game" newly game developed by GameCastor. You have to try your hands on becoming ear doctor and cure your poor painful patients so that they have super hearing power and perfect ear!

Be a professional ear doctor and cure patients to give them super hearing power and perfect ear. The game includes four funny characters with painful expression. Games developed by GameCastor are not only fun but its mixed concept of entertainment with education. This is a fun and addictive crazy game for those who have a dream of becoming a crazy ear doctor.

Watch Game Play Video:

Various features included in game:

  • Thermometer to check temperature
  • Blood Pressure to check bp
  • Cardiogram to check heart beat
  • Stethoscope
  • Ear bud to clean ear
  • Injection used in pill form
  • Dryer to suck water
  • Vacuum to remove dirt
  • Pluck Germs by plucker
  • Colorful Bandages
  • Ear Dropper
  • Cotton to remove blood
  • Plaster to cover injury
  • Spoon to give medicine
download ear doctor

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