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GameiMax Launch New Android Kids Game - Cat & Dog Doctor

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cat & dog doctor - free kids gameAfter the colossal success of surgery games Gameimax has arrived with their new game "Cat & Dog Doctor". Kids will learn basic medical treatment with fun while they play this game.

Inside the game pets are waiting for doctor to get treatment. The cat and dog have body ache. So let's help them to get relief from pain. You have to behave as real doctor and treat them with doctor tools such as check heartbeat, blood pressure and body temperature. Then you can see there is some problem with his eyes because it's looking radish so treat it by eye drops. Then scan patient's body using x-ray machine, find wrecked bones and cover it with plaster to fix their joint. Funniest thing is that you can paint plaster by colorful pencil. Make the patients happy by giving treatment.

Features of Cat & Dog Doctor

  • Injection is used to be done in pill form or through it.
  • Pus remover is used to remove pus.
  • Cotton is used to remove a blood and wounds.
  • Ice is used for remove swelling
  • X-ray is used to scan leg.
  • Painkiller-Spay used to get relief from pain.
  • Colorful and funky bandage for injured part.
  • Cream for saving injured part from infection.
  • Plaster is used to recover wrecked bones from injury.

Watch Game Play Video:


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