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Animal Nail Doctor - Surgery Game for Kids

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animal nail doctor

 After huge success of surgery games, we come with our new game Animal Nail Doctor the virtual surgery of animal nail.  Its best app to learn about how to take care of injured animals. Kids will learn some basic medical treatment for animal with fun.

Variety of features included in this app which makes game more interesting.

Feature of Animal Nail Doctor:
  • Injection used to get relief from pain.
  • Shower & Dryer used to wash and remove germs from injured part.
  • Pus remover used to remove pus.
  • Colorful funky bandage used stick on injury.
  • Plaster used to cover injury to save from infection.
  • Colorful paints used to write funny messages on the injury.
  • Multiple Tattoos used to decorate animal
  • Fabulous Paint to paint your captured image with no of brush, colors, and tattoos.



kids gamenail doctor

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Watch Game Play Video:


available on google play



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