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Monsters Kids Games Free to Download

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1 Monster Hand Doctor

monster hand doctor
Monster don't like to wash their hand and keep them so their hand becomes dirty and infected so let's help them to get cured from hand disease. Monster Hand Doctor is new innovative concept of hand surgery. So kids will surely enjoy game and have fun while playing game








Watch Game Play Video:





hand surgerymonster games


To Download follow below links - 


2 Monster Tongue Doctor

monster tongue doctor

Monster never likes to be clean and tidy. They also don't like to brush teeth and clean their tongue so their tongue became grimy. So let's help these monsters to clean their teeth and tongue

In this Monster Tongue Doctor kids game you have to try your hands on becoming a tongue doctor. Use different tools which included inside game, using that tools trim, pluck and such the pesky tongue of monster.



Watch Game Play Video:





monster teeth surgerymonster tongue surgery

 To Download follow below links - 

So let's try this exclusive kids game and make the monster happy by give proper treatment to their tongue.

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