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Stomach Doctor - Free Kids Game Available Free to Download

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stomach doctorDoes your little genius love to eat different junk food and got stomach ache? So lets him play our new game "Stomach Doctor" where your genius tries their hand on becoming stomach doctor.

Game has different characters that got stomach ache and kids have to treat them with different tools available in game. First examine their body with x-ray and diagnosed. Then start with your surgery. This addictive and fun game helps your kids to learn to different medical treatment and care for others.

Features of Stomach Doctor:

  • Thermometer used to check temperature.
  • Stethoscope used to check heartbeat.
  • Blood-pressure used to check pressure.
  • Electrocardiogram used to check heartbeat.
  • X-Ray used to diagnosed internal injury.
  • Injection used instead of pills.
  • Spray and dryer used to wash and remove germs.
  • Dropper used to drop medicine.
  • Cotton used to remove blood droplets.
  • Spoon used to give medicine.

Watch Game Play Video:


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stomach doctor_2    stomach doctor_1

download stomach doctor

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