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Most Amazing Surgery Kids Game FREE to Download from Play Store

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free kids game
 Hey Kids, Do like to play surgery games...??? If your answer is yes then for what are you download FREE version of two most addictive surgery games named "Face Doctor - Kids Game" & "Dent Doctor - Free Kids Game". Both games you virtual surgery experience.

Face Doctor - Kids Game

Here in Face Doctor - Kids Game you have to treat the adorable kids face. They got injury while playing outside with their friends. So treat them as real doctor and cure their face as before injury using different tools available in game.

Watch Game Play Video:

Features included in Face Doctor:

  • Tooth Brush is used to clean up dirty teeth.
  • Ear Dropper is used to remove swelling from ear.
  • Pain killing spray is used to relief from face injury.
  • Pimple remover for removing pimple from face
  • Laser treatment for laser which is on face
  • Nose Hair cutter is used to remove irritating hair from nose
  • Colorful and funky bandage for injured part.
  • Soap and Shower for clean the face then use towel to dry face.
  • Favorite food available
download face doctor

Dent Doctor - Free Kids Game

In Dent Doctor - Free Kids Game try your hands on becoming dentist and treating different kids. Kids don't listen anything and eat all junk food, soft drinks. So by this all things their teeth tongue became grimy. So brush their teeth properly and treat them using different tools given in game.

Mainly three views included in game such as "Teeth View", "Tongue View" & "Inner View" complete all three session make those kids teeth shiny and happy.

Watch Game Play Video:

Feature included in Dent Doctor:

  • Drill to remove green/black teeth
  • Tissue to clean nose
  • Brush to clean teeth
  • Braces to give proper shape
  • Injection given in pill form
  • Thermometer to check temperature
  • Plaster to cover injury
  • Color tongue with different color bottles
  • Feed Kids with different foods
download dent doctor
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