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Download Topmost FREE Surgery Kids Game from Play Store

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GameiMax the leading game development had developed various kinds of kid's games which developed kid's imagination and skills for different field and had break record of play store. Their recent games named "Stomach Doctor" & "Cute Kids Eye Clinic" both these games is developed with different concept of surgery.

Stomach Doctor - Kids Game

In Stomach Doctor, players have to try their hands on becoming stomach surgeon and treat those adorable kids who are yelling from pain. Help them to recover from their pain using different tools such as injection, blood pressure, stethoscope, cardiogram, and many other tools available inside game.

Watch Game Play Video:

Features included in Stomach Doctor:

  • Thermometer to check body temperature
  • Stethoscope to check heartbeat
  • Blood Pressure to check bp
  • X-ray to scan wreck bones
  • Injection to be given in pill form
  •  Vacuum to remove dust particles
  • Spoon to feed medicine
download stomach doctor

Cute Kids Eye Clinic - FREE Kids Game

In Cute Kids Eye Clinic, players have to treat different patients and cure for them from eye problem. In this game kids are having some problem in eye and they can't see anything so treat check the number of eye by manual checkup and computerized checkup. If diagnose is correct then choose different specs and contact lens for them.

Watch Game Play Video

Key Points included in Cute Kids Eye Clinic:

  • Select your favorite patient for eye checkup
  • Manual and computerized checkup
  • Apply Laser treatment
  • Select suitable lens
  • Select suitable frame for spectacle
  • It's really a cute, fun and amazing eye care game
  • Amazing graphics and sounds included 
download cute kids eye clinic
As discuss above that gameimax develops different kinds of games and they also provide game development service. Contact them on or visit at to avail their service.

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