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Latest FREE Android Kids Game Available at Play Store

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free kids game
GameiMax the preeminent game development company recently launched new android kids game named "Dirty Kids - Kids Fun Game" & "Kids Fun Rescue - Kids Game".

1. Dirty Kids - Kids Fun Game

In Dirty Kids, players have to help those adorable kids to clean their dirt and make them look clean. There are 3 fun characters and game developed with great graphics, sound, and expression. There are many features included in game such as dirt cleaning, spa, salon, makeover, and dress up. Complete all sessions and play with your fun character. It's absolutely FREE to download.

Watch Game Play Video:

Key Points included in Dirty Kids

  • Select from any 3 fun characters
  • Take off all clothes to wash them
  • Use brush and to make teeth shine
  • Use shampoo to clean hair and remove dirt
  • Apply soap on body to clean and remove all dirt particles, germs
  • Select your favorite perfume from given options
  • Dress up: select cloths, goggles, accessories, shoes, cap
  • Makeover: to choose suitable hair style
download dirty kids

 2. Kids Fun Rescue - Kids Game

In Kids Fun Rescue, players have to save backbiter from the outskirts of village, he is been lost village and got stuck in wooden box. Save him and break that wooden with help of hammer and treat him to recover from his injury. And enjoy the mini game inside like fruit crushing.

Watch Game Play Video:

Many interesting features included inside game:

  • Select from 4 backbiters
  • Hammer to break wooden box
  • Thermometer to check body temperature
  • Give syrup to backbiter
  • Injection to be given in pill form
  • Perfume for freshness
  • Stick colorful funky bandages on injured part
  • X-ray to scan wreck bones
  • Tissue to clean sneezing
  • Plaster to cover injury
download kids fun rescue

GameiMax is leading game development develops amazing kids game as above and also provide superior game development services. Contact at for further information.

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