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New Kids Game Arrived at App Store to Download - Dent Doctor

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dent doctor
 Is your child afraid of the dentist? Well, they are no different from other children! The only things to really look forward to at the dentist games in the waiting room. The Dentist Games helps your child to remove fear and they get familiar with doctors.

The Dent Doctor had three innovative concepts of "Teeth Surgery", "Tongue Surgery" and "Inner View of Tongue".  The game begins by choosing patient from given four patients and start the surgery by using drill to remove green teeth. Next step is to use tissue to clean nosy. Then use tooth brush to clean teeth properly.

After completing teeth surgery, continue with tongue surgery you have to remove germs from tongue and wash tongue with water spray. Then you can spray the mouth freshener and stick colorful funky bandages on injured part of tongue. The next thing is to clean tongue with tongue cleaner to remove dirt, give injection to get relief from pain and also give shock treatment to tongue. At last use nozzle spray to remove insects from nose.

Then stitch the injured part and cover with plaster to save tongue from infection and also you can write funny messages on plaster. The last step of surgery continues with the surgery of inner view. The funny thing is that players can use color bottles to feel color on tongue and feed the patient with different food.

Features of Dent Doctor:

Teeth surgery:
  • Drill to remove green teeth.
  • Tissue to remove nosy.
  • Brush to clean teeth.
Tongue surgery:
  • Germs Killer to remove Forks, kill germs.
  • Water sprayer to clean tongue. 
  • Use dryer to suck water.
  • Use colorful and funky bandage on injured part.
  • Injection to get relief from pain.
  • Use shock Treatment.
  • Use pimple remover to remove pimple.
  • Use Thermometer to check temperature.
  • Cover with plaster (Color it) from saving infection.
  • Use Mouth freshener.
Inner view (Using Joystick)
  • Pimple Remover.
  • Dirt Remover Cream, Pimple remover.
  • Color your tongue.
  • Feed it different Food.



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Available on:

download dent doctor from app store

download dent doctor

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